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Eleemosynary is a play written and performed in English, by the American playwright Lee Blessing (1949-). The performance revolves around three generations of women from the Wesbrook family, who share their stories with the audience over the course of seven scenes. Their efforts to be both a parent and a child are shared with the audience directly through narration and dialogue.


Echo – Miya Komo
Artie – Alyssa Wagner
Dorothea – Frieda Jacobowitz

Directed by Jonathan Geenen

Willem De Zwijgerkerk
Olympiaweg 14, 1076 VX Amsterdam

With special guests after the play:

Thursday 30.09

Igor Snowman is a musician, who started his musical path in Russia in the early 2000s, and then lived in the United States, where he was performing with a number of bands as a drummer. After moving to the Netherlands in 2015 he decided to go back to the roots and started performing as a singer-songwriter, while also continuing with his drumming career. His music reflects a variety of styles – from melodic ballads and indie-rock to a bit of rap and grunge.

He gives drum lessons to children and adults in Hilversum. Get in touch:  email: Instagram: @igor_snowman

Friday 01.10

Yulia Komo is a singer-songwriter with a Russian soul and an international mind. Her passion for people and change has made her travel and live all over the world while developing social change projects, building and supporting communities, and sharing her music and stories. Her motto is: perform to transform.

Saturday 02.10
Close harmony group  The Blenders
  • The Blenders are a small group of internationals who routinely get together to enjoy crunchy harmony. They are: Christo Greyling (bass), Paul Chater, Henk Reitsma, Rachel Gorman, Alison Moncrieff, Yulia Komo and Natasha Parry.
  • Rachel Gorman: Rachel made a name for herself in Australia with her sweet, playful folk songs, both as a solo artist and as frontwoman of “Rachel and Henry climb a Hill”. Inspired by her Irish roots and rural upbringing, her music can be found on Spotify
  • Matilda Ronay: Tilly is a 16 year old student at the international School Hilversum. She has sung ever since she can remember and you can listen to her music at tillyrose_music on instagram
  • Richard Ronay and Natasha Parry: Richard and Natasha love nothing better than staying up late with a fistful of jazz standard chord charts. Natasha runs women’s international community choirs in Hilversum and Utrecht. Check them out at