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Event Dates:
January 20 & 21 at 7:30 pm
January 22 is at 3:30 pm

Event Location:
Willem de Zwijgerkerk, Olympiaweg 14, Amsterdam


Come to a varied evening of 10-minute plays and scenes in English and Dutch!

Join us for a lively evening of drama, laughter, poetry and hope.


Hamlet and the Gravediggers (scene) by William Shakespeare

As Angels Watch by Jim MacNerland

Poetry Bites

Sure Thing by David Ives

The Jewish Wife by Bertolt Brecht


Hamlet and the Gravediggers (NL) 

by William Shakespeare


Gravedigger – Anne Heijnen

Gravedigger – Alex Baum

Hamlet – Chris Hardeveld


Direction and adaptation by Annebel Venmans



Meet Hamlet briefly? You can! 

After a journey, he returns to the palace and meets two gravediggers there. They dig a grave for a young woman and tell a hundred stories about life and death. Humor with a serious undertone, Shakespeare can do that!

As Angels Watch (EN) 

by Jim MacNerland


Benjamin – Alex Baum

Joe – Aaron Wan

Mary – Angelica Andersson

Victoria – Delphine Ural


Directed by Lydia Muijen



What seems to be a nice evening out for Joe and Mary slowly turns into something unexpected as Victoria and Ben share some of the medical information they are privy to. When it comes to life and responsibilities, things are hardly ever  black and white or for that matter, good and bad.


Poetry Bites (NL) 


Nelly Versteeg

Anne Heijnen

Musical Setting, Maarten KlompDouble Bass


Directed by Lydia Muijen



Dutch poetry duo presents “Poetry Bites!”. An eclectic mix of Dutch poetry and sounds.   Featuring poems from our local poets: Anneke Brassinga, Babs Gons and Evert Smit. 

Sure Thing (EN) 

by David Ives


Betty – Vasiliki Votsika

Bill – Diego Best


Directed by Amr Maged



A guy asks something, a girl rejects him, will he stop? 

A girl asks something, a guy rejects her, should she stop?

Will they have a proper conversation to finish this play?! Sure thing!  

How? Let’s start it all over! A guy asks something….

The Jewish Wife (NL) 

by Bertolt Brecht


Judith – Frieda Jacobowitz

Frits – Bobby Brown


Direction and adaptation by Annebel Venmans


In 1935, Germany was confronted with the Nuremberg Race Laws. We know which population these laws were primarily aimed at, with the aim of exclusion and destruction. Bertolt Brecht described the consequences that this had for a “mixed marriage” in a poignant way.



Front of house: Nina Cohen, Billy Mann

Light & Sound: Oscar Ramspek

Assistance light & sound: Julien James

Poster/flyer design: André van Naarden

Photography: Pete Saunders

Stage Management: Willem Gerritssen

Assistance Stage Management: Jasmin Kulbatzki, Elias Ward

Coordinators: Frieda Jacobowitz & Amr Maged

 Many thanks to:

  • Employees and volunteers from the Willem de Zwijgerkerk
  • Gerrit Visser, Amr Maged, Frans Schouwenaar

some rehearsal photos

Canopy Onstage is a platform for both amateurs and seasoned theater makers and musicians which offers an opportunity to create theater and music with expertise and eye for detail. We look forward to productions and concerts that will ensure that the community has the opportunity to showcase its skills and enthusiasm for a live audience. By focusing on content, inclusion and professionalism we envision our onstage offerings as having the relevance and diversity to speak to all theater-goers and music lovers.