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Ulysses is Niemand in archive

photos: Aart Blom


In recent years we have heard more and more about immigrants, refugees and exiles, but little is known about individual stories. The migrant is constantly searching for his identity, he lives in a “limbo” from which he can only escape for moments with his language, music and food.

This performance is created by players of different nationalities and is spoken in seven languages.

Players: Marta Zogbi, Cristina Reyna, Katarzyna Siewarga,

Yulia Komo, Kerem Gökhan, Xiaoli Gou

Concept and direction: Martha Villada Márquez

Sound: Oscar Ramspek

Lighting: Jonathan Geenen and George Hansel

Production: Cristina Reyna, Frieda Jacobowitz, Jonathan Geenen and George Hansel